2nd ALS Residence 5k Walk and Fun Fair 2023

June 24, 2023 @ 8:00 am – 11:00 am
Kailua Beach Park/Lanikai Loop
526 Kawailoa Road
HI 96734
Divina Telan Robillard

We head once more to Kailua Beach Park to recreate and create new memories of fun times for family and friends while giving to a worthy cause. The ALS Residence 5K Walk and Fun Fair inaugural appearance in the community calendar last year was immensely gratifying! Community response was unprecedented considering that ALSFH is a small entity and the disease we are trying to fight is rare. And because it is rare, its population is small and basically unable to advocate for themselves because of the comprehensive debilitation/disability that it imposes on its victims.

Shaun Brewer, with wife, Renee and friends, attending a “With Grace” walk held in Kailua in the early 2000s

At the moment, we are trying to develop the run site to facilitate registration online but we can accept registration now by contacting Divina, by text or phone, at 808-256-3932, or debsoxo@gmail.com. We will update this page as soon as the site is up!

Meanwhile, let’s go for it another time! Let’s show our community spirit and our collective power to enhance the life of patients living with ALS and their families!   We have it in us to make this possible. Let’s do it. Be there on June 24, 8 am, Kailua BeachPark!

A postcard memento for Divina and Stephanie Armstrong, a volunteer, for last year’s walk.

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